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Urban PTSD Treatment

$ 250,000.0 Needed Donation

Paint The City Red™ is a not-for-profit community Wellness initiative founded by False Hope Brand Co. PTCR’s focus is to embrace and persist in constant awareness of the gun violence plaguing our American Cities while honoring the lives lost.

Our call to action will be done by symbolically painting our flagship City of Chicago with red hearts that will represent a life lost to gun violence. Our goal is to provide an outlet for the victim’s families and youth to express themselves creatively through the arts, help begin as well as maintain the healing process, create access to PTSD counseling and provide emergency medical training & supply kits.

By sharing the creation of the PTCRhearts with the victim’s families, we strongly believe that this will be an excellent boost to the deeply needed community solidarity and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT).

CPT is typically a 12-week course of treatment, with weekly sessions of 60-90 minutes. CPT starts with a talk about the traumatic event with a group or family therapist and how the thoughts related to it have affected one’s life.

The next step involves writing in detail about what happened. This process helps examine how to think about the trauma and figure out new ways to live with it.

Specifically, PTCR will provide an outlet for healing; create a stark visual representation of the magnitude of gun violence citywide, increase police and community relations, add substantial value to the failing municipal public relations and truly provide an additional option for relief.

Through the combined effort of the Paint The City Redheart art project, focus groups and Cognitive Processing Therapy, we believe we can make a significant impact on the many communities affected by senseless gun violence.